So, a hens egg takes 21 days to hatch from the minute its put into an incubator or under a hen….as soon as it gets to the required temperature of 37.5 degrees the incredible chemical processes that turn that yolk and white into a chick begin!

At Eggucation we think its a fabulous experience for your children to experience the full 21 days of incubation in our schools hatching packages. And its our most popular package! Its far from boring – not just a machine whirring away in the corner of the classroom. A full 21 day incubation package means you have not only a great build up of excitement around the whole school, but loads of opportunities for STEM based learning;

🐣 Candling the eggs after 7-10 days allows you to see the chick embryo bouncing around in its shell – its an amazing experience!
🐣 Numeracy – how many days left
🐣 Biology and life cycles – look at our amazing resources and find out what is happening inside the egg every day – how has the chick changed? What can you observe?

With our younger customers we do understand that eggs that have been incubated at HQ sometimes make more sense….and the hatching itself is always an amazing experience..

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