Chick Hatching Lesson - Repekha the pekin at Mosborough

Debs shows Repehka the pekin at Mosborough

So the Eggucation schools chick hatching season is well under way and we have had some fabulous experiences in our schools with one amazing question from Year 1 Lea at Mosborough Primary

yesterday – “How do the chicks breathe in the egg?” We were able to have a fabulous discussion with her whole class, about their ideas about how the air gets in for the chick, about the shell and its function. It was a pleasure to facilitate their learning, and see how the eggs inspire children’s minds. It did maybe help that Cindy Pompom, one of our tame hens, laid an egg in the carrier on the way to the school! Now thats a link to their food they wont forget in a hurry!

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