Now that the dust has settled (literally) after the Great Yorkshire Show and the chicks are also settled into their nursery pens, we thought we should share with you just SOME of the work that goes into setting up our amazing chick hatching workshop…the Eggucation Roadshow Eggperience!

We are passionate about the value that seeing a chick hatch, and having the privilege to hold such a vulnerable new life, brings to people both young and old. And with our amazing roadshow we can bring that experience to you!

At public events such as The Great Yorkshire show we are part of the Educational Team – and its such a pleasure to meet the families that come to use with that ‘wow’ look on their faces! We have chicks hatching often throughout the day – but sometimes they are naughty and two or three decide to hatch together! This can lead to families all engaging in a ‘hatching race’ with different members all rooting for different chicks. The delight on everyones faces when the chick finally breaks free is indeed a wonderful thing. Then to be able to hold one of our fab and multicoloured rare breed chicks is just the icing on the chicktastic cake!

But we have much much more to offer than this (could it get any better!). All members of the family are fascinated to find out about the structure of the egg from the chicks point of view, how to tell if an egg is fertile, and the magic of candling. We can show you the tiny chick embryo bounding around in the shell, though we don’t use a candle! Compare the chick you see with the amazing video we have running and try and work out how old it is!

All these activities can be fitted into a marquee in a field, a shopping centre foyer or your school hall if we set up there for the day….

The Eggucation Roadshow is coming to town…………Book Yours Today!🐣

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