Hatching Eggs and opening mindsI hope its pretty clear that here at Eggucation we are passionate about what we do! Conserving our beautiful rare breed chicks and bringing that passion into your classroom. But there are specific parts of the learning that takes place during your project that we would like to focus on in our next series of blog posts. Today we look at the connection between farming, nature and food…..

Part of our candling talk is about looking at the egg. Everyone knows what an egg is, and most of the population has eaten one! But our children are increasingly divorced from is where their food comes from….in a packet with a date stamp on!! But why are eggs such good food…..?? And where do rare breeds fit in? We like the children to make the connection between something they consider just as food and the amazing miracle that unfolds in their classroom over 21 days!

When we bring our tame hens in for your introductory talk the children then get to see the animals that lay eggs and learn more about the natural process of incubation.

So not only do the children get to experience the oooh and ahhhh of the miraculous hatching process, but hopefully they can make some links that will stay with them for life and help them make good food choices.

Hatching eggs opening minds!

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