Health & Safety

Full risk assessment is included in your resource pack – you can access this after your deposit has been received, or contact us if you require any information prior to booking.

The eggs we use at Eggucation come from our own pampered rare breeds! We keep small numbers of birds who free range and are fed quality feeds. We follow a strict biosecurity plan, as specified by our veterinary advisor in our Herd Health plan.

🐣 We are fully DEFRA registered

🐣 Our birds are tested from and free from Salmonella.

🐣 Our eggs are then washed in industry approved egg sanitizer for your health and to protect the chicks inside.

🐣 The water used to maintain the humidity in your incubator is treated with incubation disinfectant to help prevent any bacterial growth inside the incubator during incubation.

🐣 The water the chicks are given to drink when they are with you has a small amount of specialised disinfectant in it. This will minimise any possible pathogens in the chicks digestive system. 

🐣 All our equipment is P.A.T tested and sterilised prior to delivery.

🐣 Staff are fully CRB/DBS checked.

🐣 All staff are covered by comprehensive public liability insurance.

🐣 All areas hold licences under the Animal Welfare Act 2018 – this means they have been inspected and passed a series of strict codes under the new animal welfare legislation.


chick in incubator

All the above measures are put in place to make sure you and your chicks have a happy and safe hatching experience.

However, the measures we put in place are to be used in conjunction with the careful and supervised hand washing and sanitization of those who are to come in contact with the chicks, including both before and after contact. This process is the responsibility of the hiring organisation.

All eggs are brought to you as ‘fertile’, in the belief that they will all go on to form embryos, but this cannot be guaranteed. As a rule of thumb in most hatches you should expect to see at least 4/7 eggs hatch, especially with our top quality eggs. The majority of our schools have 5 or more. In nature hatch rates do vary – in the highly unlikely event of fewer than 3/7 eggs being fertile (Regular) or 8/18 (XL), we will offer the setting a re-booking at a time to suit them.

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