Meet the Team

With over 20 years experience delivering science and STEM education, Eggucation provides high quality and ethically sound enrichment experiences in schools right across the UK.  We have a great team of passionate poultry breeders, who are also firm friends, each with our own flocks of champion birds, providing your school with a fabulous ‘Conservation in the Classroom‘ experience.

Deb Howe

Deb Howe

CEO Eggucation

Deb has over 20 years experience teaching Science in a Specialist Science College and knows what makes for an engaging experience for pupils of all ages. She also works for the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, both in the capacity of promoting the conservation of rare breeds, and as an adviser on their Poultry Working Group. This group meets several times a year to ensure policies are in place to preserve Britain’s rarest poultry.

Debs has worked alongside Adam Henson (Cotswold Farm Park/Countryfile) and Jimmy Doherty (Jimmy’s Farm), helping them with poultry conservation projects. We are passionate about conserving rare breeds!

In addition, Debs has a Zoology degree from Sheffield University, and a Masters degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare from Edinburgh University.

She the Chairperson of the Autosexing Breeders Association (ABA), a member of the Rare Poultry Society (RPS), The Croad Langshan Club and the Poultry Club of Great Britain. (PCGB)

Licence #PRU160919.

Dani Kent

Dani Kent

Area Manager - East, Home Counties

Dani is a genetics enthusiast! She has a wealth of experience in breeding, having a BSc in Equine Breeding and Stud Management as well as experience across the world with famous studs and running her own alpaca breeding programme.
Dani is passionate about her poultry. She prides herself on welfare, giving them land and accommodation well-above standard, and has been working hard to reintroduce extinct and rare colours in Araucanas as well as restore the utility value of Vorwerks, in the hopes that they once again become a regular sight across the UK.
Currently, she is also working to promote predator-friendly pasture management with the use of livestock guardian dogs.
She is on the committee of the British Barnevelder Club, a member of the Rare Poultry Society (RPS), The British Araucana Club and the Poultry Club of Great Britain. (PCGB)

Licence #AAL0041.

Colin Booth

Colin Booth

Area Manager - North East

Colin has over 50 years’ experience of keeping and breeding pigeons and poultry.

He has retired recently from the position of Director of Science at a large academy, having completed 27 years in Science education. He has a BSc (hons) in Zoology from Liverpool University and 4 different postgraduate qualifications in education, enabling him to create an excellent climate for learning for students of any age.

He keeps and exhibits several different breeds of poultry but is best known for rescuing rumpless araucanas from extinction in the UK. Using his experience over the last 10 years, he has bred them to a standard where they can compete successfully with other breeds at major poultry shows. He is also a Poultry Club panel judge.

He is on the committee of the British Araucana Club and Northumberland and Durham Bantam Club and a member of the Poultry Club of Great Britain, the British Barnevelder Club and the Old English Game Bantam Club.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor

Area Manager - Devon & Cornwall

Matt had been chicken-mad since his early teens, and has been lucky enough to turn his hobby into a thriving business over the past decade. He has a real passion for conservation of rare and heritage breeds, as well as sharing his knowledge with the next generation. Through his dedicated poultry shop, Matt educates the public on the importance of welfare and correct animal husbandry for back garden poultry. He also works with manufacturers to create new products for chicken owners. This has included a range of new natural supplements to improve the health & welfare of poultry from back garden flocks right up to commercial sizes.

Matt has also really helped bring heritage breeds back to the public attention, instead of the usual hybrids . He breeds and sells the largest range of heritage breeds in the wholesale and retail market in the UK. He can’t pick a favourite of all his breeds – but when forced has admitted to a soft spot for his Brahmas and his Wyandottes!

To see our fabulous birds at home, visit the gallery.

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