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Where does my food come from?

What can we learn from watching a chick hatch? Part 1 Where does my food come from?  Deb Howe - Chief Chicken Herder 10th January 2020 There has been much debate circling the issues of climate change and the role played by our diet. Strong and passionate arguments...

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National Poultry Show 2019

SHOW RESULTS Classroom Chicks Do It Again Deb Howe, Head Honcho 05 December 2019 The results are in…There is a whole heap of passion for our rare breeds here at Eggucation. ALL the chicks that hatch in one of our programmes come from birds, that the individual...

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Should we hatch chicks in the classroom?

Hatching chicks in school classrooms is an incredible experience for the whole school, but needs to be done with the welfare of the birds as its highest priory. Here we summarise why EGGucation does just that to provide a truly ETHICAL schools hatching service

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Conservation In The Classroom Vol II – Croad Langshan

Croad Langshan - big beautiful birds... So. Croad Langshan. The only thing they have in common with the Andalusian Bantam, the subject of our last blog, is that they are chickens and they are on the Rare Breed Survival Trust watch list! So how did these huge majestic...

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Conservation In The Classroom Vol:1 Andalusian Bantam

EGGciting new birds at Eggucation HQ We hope it’s apparent that the birds behind your schools hatching experience are a real passion for us here at Eggucation. I can see their pens as I type. We have invested heavily in new sheds and runs this year, each breed now...

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Broody Vs Incubator

Incubator Vs Broody…. As we are already looking forward to next years schools hatching I was reading on a Facebook Poultry group about opinions on how everyone had found their hatching season - Broody Vs Incubator - so I thought I might pen a few words on my take on...

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